Friday, October 3, 2014

Working Mom App of the Month: October

Each month we like to feature an app that's a true 'game-changer' for us as busy, working moms.  
Up this month?  Cozi.

Let me start by saying that this is an app and a website.  So regardless of whether or not your have your phone or a phone that can download this app - this product could be awesome for you!  Using the Cozi app allows you to sync lists on multiple devices as long as they're all signed in to the same account. So, if you're like me you quickly whip up a honey-do list for the hubs so he can see it and all the updates you add to it ;).

In reality though this has been a great app for grocery shopping so either one of us can go to the store and get everything on our list! When we run out of something in the kitchen, I typically just grab my phone and add it into Cozi quickly.  Or, if my husband has a special brew request for the game over the weekend, I know exactly what to snag at the store...or vice versa!

The other thing we love Cozi for in our household is getting projects done.  We built our house and just moved in last November.  While we opted for our contractor to do most of the work for us, we did choose to keep a few things unfinished that we knew we could do ourselves without the added labor cost.  We thought we'd get those projects done lickety-split (insert crazy laugh here).  So while they're not all done yet, we have a list that we update and prioritize regularly to keep the progress moving.

We use the free version of Cozi and have found it to be perfect for our needs, but for a few more features and less ads, you can upgrade to Cozi Gold for just under $30 a year.  Considering it costs less than a new planner and has the great syncing feature it might be worth it.  Here's a list that compares the features between the free version and the Gold version.

Do you use Cozi and love it?  Or do you have another great app we should share?  Submit your app and why you love it to workingmomplaybook[at]!

Disclaimer: we weren't paid or perk'd to endorse Cozi.  We just really like how it makes our life easier and the time it saves us!  Oh and that things get checked off on our honey-do list!

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