Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Kids Adventures: Easy, Planned-Out Adventures for you & your kids!

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When I was meeting with a colleague yesterday and talking about this 'mom blog' thing, he directed me to My Kids Adventures.  This site is pretty fantastic...especially as a teacher who spends all day with my kiddo in the summer.  Don't get me wrong, I love hanging out with my sweet little Liza, but sometimes I run out of activities.  And sometimes I just can't seem to think quite quickly enough to find something kid-worthy.

That's where My Kids Adventures comes in...they've created multiple 'adventures' that you can have with your kiddos.

First, here's how and why they got started...

Pretty cool huh?

Then, each post starts with a great picture, a quick little blurb about why it's important and then they give you STEP-by-STEP (did anyone else sing that like NKOTB....c'mon I'll admit it) instructions and the goods that you'll need to get rolling.  Some of the posts even include a video.

Check them out at mykidsadventures.com or even on Twitter at @Kids_Adventure or on Facebook at My Kids' Adventures!

What are your favorite outside activities or 'best plays' with your kids?

Prep and planning

2 working parents + 2 kids in daycare = lots of lunch packing to get through the week. I've found that a little time on Sunday, typically during naps, means a whole lot less stress and more QT with my family during the week.

 I also try to do as much freezer cooking as possible, so healthy dinners take less prep on week nights. For example, I'll double or triple my batch of ground turkey taco meat and freeze portions for a quick family dinner or a (yummy!) taco salad lunch. Or, we'll grill a few extra chicken breasts of a salad later in the week, or to throw on pasta mid-week. I'm always looking for ways to cook smarter and save time! What are other cooking secrets of working moms? 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Popcorn. It's kind of a staple around here.

Most of our nights wrap up by sitting on the deck enjoying dessert...unless it's raining. In which case we watch a short show instead. And most times it includes popcorn (ok ok or ice cream).

I saw this recipe forever ago on Pinterest but seemed to forget it in the four months of morning (aka all day) sickness. This summer something clicked...or maybe I got disgusted by the concept of fake butter and chemicals in packaged microwave popcorn.

This is how we make popcorn all.the.time.

It's so simple to throw a tablespoon(ish) of the classic Boy Scout popcorn kernels into a paper lunch bag. 

Then I simply fold the top down twice and give it a good crease.

Microwave it till you hear the popping slowing down and you're good.  

To make matters even simpler, we add some seasoning: salt, a little melted butter and shake it around in the bag. No dishes for this one. 

And that makes this working mom a happy camper...plus I can feel better about the use of real butter and salt! 

What about you working mommas? Favorite healthy, quick snacks? Leave us a recipe in the comments. We'd love to hear from you!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Oh hey.

Hi!  Welcome to our blog!  There's not too much to say (that you can't already click around to find out), but basically we're two working moms who know that there are times when life gets so crazy, you need a little help.  Sure Pinterest is great and we get tons of great ideas from it, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming too when you simply don't have them time to be super-mom and make the awesome gift bags to go along with your homemade cake.  We're hoping to share tips and tricks with you as well as getting some tips and tricks from you and other experts you admire to make life a little easier.  We also hope to have brief, to-the-point posts so you can actually read them.  So, sit back, click around and enjoy!