Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Kids Adventures: Easy, Planned-Out Adventures for you & your kids!

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When I was meeting with a colleague yesterday and talking about this 'mom blog' thing, he directed me to My Kids Adventures.  This site is pretty fantastic...especially as a teacher who spends all day with my kiddo in the summer.  Don't get me wrong, I love hanging out with my sweet little Liza, but sometimes I run out of activities.  And sometimes I just can't seem to think quite quickly enough to find something kid-worthy.

That's where My Kids Adventures comes in...they've created multiple 'adventures' that you can have with your kiddos.

First, here's how and why they got started...

Pretty cool huh?

Then, each post starts with a great picture, a quick little blurb about why it's important and then they give you STEP-by-STEP (did anyone else sing that like NKOTB....c'mon I'll admit it) instructions and the goods that you'll need to get rolling.  Some of the posts even include a video.

Check them out at mykidsadventures.com or even on Twitter at @Kids_Adventure or on Facebook at My Kids' Adventures!

What are your favorite outside activities or 'best plays' with your kids?

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